Mr. Chase 7/8th Grade Social Studies 2012/13

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"A life isn't significant except for its impact on other lives"

~ Jackie Robinson

American Studies is a two-year survey course in 7th grade with the study early America and concluding the following year with a study of the numerous challenges and issues confronting the United States in the 21st century. We also focus on current events and students begin to realize that history is not simply something that happened in the past, rather people and events are continually making “history” each and every day.

This is a reading and writing intensive course. In order to be successful, students must keep up with the weekly assignments and homework. Students should realize that academic success is dependent on regular attendance and putting forth a maximum effort each marking period. The activities, assignments, and projects in this course are designed to help students develop critical thinking and writing. Students will work with various documents learning how to analyze, compare and interpret both primary and secondary sources.

Course Assessment and Grading:

I utilize a variety of assessments to measure student knowledge, progress, and understanding. Tests consist of a variety of items including multiple choice, matching, extended response, vocabulary and document based questions. In addition to homework, quizzes, and chapter tests, each student must also prepare current event newspaper article summaries and complete required multimedia projects and class presentations.

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