Choice #1 : Music Video Project

You will create a music video for a song that promotes a positive message. The video should pay tribute to historic events and people who have made a difference in the world. Section 107 of the US Copyright Law details the right of "fair use" regarding copyrighted material that is used for nonprofit educational purposes. Watch video below for additional standards and information.

Linked below are the project proposal, project directions (distributed and discussed in class) along with other documents you will need to complete this task. Please don't hesitate to speak with me if you have any questions or concerns. Due date for project proposal and class presentations TBA....

The video embedded below is a great tutorial by Bill Myers on how to use the Pan and Crop effect in the Sony Vegas program. This will provide movement and add a sense of motion to still images and text. There are more tutorials posted on YouTube if needed.

The sample video at the top of this page was created by Mr. Chase to serve as a guide. Click the links below to view examples of student media projects...

2009 Media Projects

2010 Media Projects

2011 Media Projects

Choice #2 : PSA Video Project

An alternate video project would be to create a PSA video that raises awareness of a societal problem and/or promotes a positive action that would make Dale Carnegie proud! Your video should encourage viewers to engage in a particular activity that makes a difference through serving and supporting others. See documents below for directions.

Still not sure how to begin this assignment? The Ad Council is a leading producer of Public Service Announcements in the United States. Check out their web site and YouTube Channel (linked below) to learn more about their latest campaigns addressing social issues. Please take time to view the large collection of videos archived on both of their web sites. Viewing the videos should help to guide and inspire your own PSA project...

Ad Council

Ad Council YouTube Channel

Participation In Government YouTube Channel

Embedded below are two examples of PSA projects. The first project was created by a 7th grade student and the second one was created by Mr. Chase. Each of these videos can serve as a guide for your PSA video.