Clayton, Kay-Lee, Dustin, And Jaci.

Choice, Cash Crops, and Subsistence Farmers-

Some people of the colonies chose to grow cash crops to raise money and others were subsistence farmers with a scarcity of products left over to sell.

Identity and Triangular Trade-

When colonial merchant ships took new routes for trading they were identified as the triangular trade beacause the routes made a triangle.

OverSeers and Empathy-

Overseers were powerful people that watched the slaves and made sure that they did their jobs and chores, overseers chose not to have empathy for the slaves.

Diversity and Tidewater

The colonists chose to have diversity because they could live in different places for example in the backcountry or near a tidewater.

The colonists lived in diverse environments such as the western hilly area identified as the backcountry and the flat coastal plains called the Tidewater.

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